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Speculative Design | Design Experiment

Date : September 2016

In post-digital society, individual can be regarded as a giant database, and how we communicate with each other is by exchanging the data flow. In data mining, the continuity and regularity are the benchmarks which are used to analyze the data and to discover the hidden information. The continuity of the data flow indicates that there is an input-output relationship and a feedback relationship between events. It reveals the effect of subsequent events, both intentianl and unintentional. The regularity, by some means, explain the frequence of events occur over the course of time. By investigating into the continuity and regularity, what can be retrived is the explanation and the outcome of a consequence. Applying this meathod into investigation of a individual, data mining cause greater influence in manipulating people’s life. However, when databending takes place, our information can be hidden, and become meaningless to others. By bending and disorganising the data, we can protect ourselves from snooping by the data backstabber.