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Speculative Design | Interaction Design

Date : July 2017

Surveillance has evolved from early ancient spy practices to data-driven surveillance in contemporary society. Thriving social network and emerging technologies fueled the invasion of surveillance into different landscapes. A growing concern for the ubiquitous surveillance practices, from CCTV in public space, to sensor tracking application in our own pockets, is creating the neurotic tension between the obsever and the observed. Rather than criticizing the current system, I endeavored to explore how we can approach this landscape without obtrusive yelling for rights but through the medium of art

Surveillance Composition is an integrated installation with customised sensor surveillance system and an ambient display. The sensor surveillance system is used to create a surveilled environment and to collect ambiance data for data visualisation. The ambient display is designed to display the surveillance data visualisation in an unobtrusive way. It intends to fit into the background and offers a window of awareness. This design presents an experimental approach of using the ambient display as the medium to ease the tension between the observer and the observed. Meanwhile, assist individual’s perception about surveillance in contemporary society.


当现代监视变成一种日常,如何利用艺术作为灵感,为这道社会命题增添新的思考方向?不同于对个人权益的喧嚣争议,S·序曲旨在对监视本身进行艺术加工,并曝露于公众。监视内容变得生动有趣,而不再尖锐。这个过程中,每个人都在被监视,但又能成为监视者。在这微妙的角色转换中,引发人们对监视的思考与个人意识的提高。S·序曲由两个部分组成:配备各类微感应器环境监视系统,用于模拟现代微型电子科技下的无声电子监视;以及播放监视数据可视化的ambient display,用于将监视数据以艺术创作的形式呈现给用户,实现温和地提高用户对周围环境中的监视的意识。