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Digital Media Design | Interaction Design

Client : Edinburgh University Law School

Featured : 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Exhibition " Future Play"

Date : May 2017

Lumina is a LED light design which inspects poetic understanding and minimalism.

Lumina explores the distinction between analogue and the digital as a metaphor for human ability for poetic understanding, as opposed to the cold, abstract mathematics of data. Lumina consists of 1500 neo-pixel. With customized programme, it could play low resolution images in live-time. The pixelated representations are of such low resolution as to place them at the threshold of recognition. Typically, the viewer will not instantly recognize what is displayed, it is only after a few seconds of observation that his/her brain will reconstitute the image into a complete, meaningful idea. The experience, which partly relies on our voyeuristic tendencies, feels highly poetic and strangely personal, as if we were the only one to have decoded the images.