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Interaction Design | Creative Campaign

Client : BBC

Featured : 2017 D&AD Award Yellow Pencil

Date : May 2017

The Edinburgh Festivals are respected, world renowned events. They bring together all forms of arts, performance, science and literature. Unlike other festivals and sporting events, the August Edinburgh Festivals blur the lines between performer and audience. By their very nature, as city-wide events spread across hundreds of venues, the festivals encourage interaction between those visiting for pleasure and those actively participating. To capture the spirit of the events for those who can’t attend, we use the power of technology to connect a global audience with the Edinburgh experience.

Actor Who is a transmedia story created for the BBC that captures the serendipitous spirit of the Edinburgh Festivals. By allowing both online and physical audiences to participate through viewing/voting on Twitter and auditioning in Edinburgh phone booths, the multi-platform experience lets participants work together to create the story. Housed between Twitter, YouTube, and a bespoke hardware/software application, the system allows for a choose-your-own style of crowdsourced content from across the world to be made with minimal technological adoption issues. Actor Who allows anyone to live the story of the Edinburgh Festivals, regardless of where they are.

爱丁堡艺术节是世界闻名的艺术盛宴之一。在童话般的爱丁堡的盛夏,各类艺术表演出现在城市的各个角落。不同于其他节日或者体育盛事,在爱丁堡艺术节里,表演者与观众,这两个角色的分界线变得模糊。所有的演出、艺术表达形式都鼓励观众与艺术家之间的交流互动。为了将爱丁堡艺术节的这一本质精神传递给其他无法亲临现场的观众,Actor Who利用科技的力量向世界直播爱丁堡经历。

Actor Who是一个打破物理世界与网络世界的互动艺术装置。它以英国传统红色电话亭为原型,BBC经典电视剧Doctor Who为灵感,同时借助社交媒体的力量,让线上与线下同步,爱丁堡与世界互联,任何观众,不论何时何地,都有机会感受爱丁堡艺术节的疯狂与精彩。在爱丁堡艺术节期间,Actor Who以及BBC联名Twitter将在社交媒体账号上发布最新故事线。全球在线用户通过网络投票方式,共同决定故事剧情发展。Actor Who红色电话亭将分布在爱丁堡的各个角落。身处爱丁堡的游客可以进入任意电话亭,进行角色测试,并且根据线上剧本进行试镜,并将试镜视频发布在Twitter平台。最后线上用户投票决定最佳试镜片段,Actor Who官方将在每周推出一部完整的视频剪辑,作为最新剧集。